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My name is Chris, i’m in my 30s and I live in London.

Ever since saving for my first home 4 years ago, i’ve become obsessed with finding new ways to reduce my outgoings so that I can keep more of my salary each month and put it towards things I really want. I try to make my savings by tweaking the way I live, but am also conscious that I don’t want my frugality to impact my quality of life.

Once I had a big enough savings pot, I got interested in different ways to invest my money and make it grow in value. I had no prior experience in investing but now i’m the proud owner of a robust portfolio of assets, from Stocks and Shares to property. My aim is to continue to grow my wealth and achieve financial independence.

This blog is based primarily on personal finance and covers everything from ways to save, to how to invest. I will also be sharing reviews and recommendations of related products and services.

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